Hurricane Ian caused much destruction in South Florida on September 28/29 and we pray for a speedy recovery for all those affected.

Our 100th Anniversary Gala was originally  scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 1. Unfortunately, the Bradenton Area Convention Center where the event was to be held was being used as a storm shelter and was unavailable. As a result, the Gala is postponed until a later time. Details will be forthcoming.  One very good thing resulted from this change in plans… the food which had already been purchased and prepared by Rich Knowles’ Innovative Dining (Steaks, Asparagus, Cookies and Mashed potatoes with Scallions) were provided to the Manatee County first responders. A meal for which they were very grateful and for which our club was more than happy to share.

Another change that has to be made is The Key Leader Training event that was scheduled for November 17-19. Camp Flying Eagle and the Dream Oaks Camp where the weekend training was supposed to take place both received heavy damage that resulted in fallen trees and damaged structures. Once repairs have been made and the properties re-assessed. a new date will be set, most likely sometime in the spring of 2023.